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PT LAUTAN LUAS Tbk, established in 1951, has five branches and seven
representative offices in Indonesia as well as a regional subsidiary in
Singapore, with offices in China, Thailand and Vietnam to oversee
regional Distribution activities. In Manufacturing, Lautan Luas
established 17 manufacturing subsidiaries and affiliates, of which five
are operating out of China and one in Vietnam. To provide value-added
support to our customers, Lautan Luas established four Support and
Service subsidiaries - a supply chain company, R&D laboratory, IT
consultancy and water treatment company - making it one of the most
integrated total solutions provider in the chemicals industry.

Born of modest origins, Lautan Luas has grown to be Indonesia's leading
chemical distributor and manufacturer with over 100 international
principals, more than 1,000 chemical products and over 2,000 clients in
the region. As we continue to expand the Company, our corporate vision
remains the foundation for growth and expansion - to be the leading
regional integrated chemical distribution and manufacturing company by
providing value to customers in becoming preferred business partner,
challenge and opportunities to our employees, and superior return to our

To maintain our Total Quality Management Mindset, PT LAUTAN LUAS Tbk
places great emphasis on continuing development of our Human Resources /
Talents. Our employees are provided internal and external training for
professional and personal development to ensure that our professionals
enjoy and are challenged and rewarded during their tenure with the
Company. Training is also the key to maintain a highly crafted and
learned professional talent base.

Therefore, PT LAUTAN LUAS Tbk challenges you to join us for the
opportunities :

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