Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Investment Finance Specialist


The tasks of Investment Finance Specialist will be as follows:
a. Assist the Program Coordinator in the design of the Trust Fund and management of the process to establishment of such Trust Fund;
b. develop the concepts, strategies and management of the Trust Fund in order to achieve sustainability of the fund;
c. prepare concepts of the fund participation scheme and strategy in various investment options
d. establish the basic principles or methodologies of how to select, assess and appraise suitable investment for the funds and define the basic principles of financing and management of such investment;
e. define systematic selection and decision making processes to minimize risks in the utilization of the funds;
f. participate in identification, negotiation, and contract awarding processes, and transactions with potential users of the fund;

Required Qualifications and Experience
The Investment Finance Specialist is expected to possess the following task¬ specific experience and capabilities:
a. Bachelor (S1) degree in Economics, Engineering or Management with at least 7 years of relevant experience; an additional master’s degree (S-2) in business administration or finance will be an advantage;
b. Experience in the business development activities including at least 3 years experience in the investment analysis/project financing activities;
c. Sound knowledge and hands-on skills on the investment appraisal, business modeling, financing and management of investment portfolios;
d. Strong network within the private sector and capital market community;
e. Having general knowledge of Indonesia’s government structure and budgetary procedures;
f. Sound English language capability (written and spoken) and report writing skills
g. Proven ability to work independently with limited supervision and to operate effectively in a team environment.

Please submit your detail resume and current and expactation salary for consideration,
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