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Most people think of blogs when they think of Wordpress and, of course, blogging is or should be an integral part of any internet marketer’s arsenal. Did you know that it is estimated that less than 10% of bloggers are maximising the potential of their blogs - probably why this same 10% are too busy to tell you their secret (if they were prepared to tell of course!)

There is so much more to Wordpress than a blog! What about membership sites (residual income is the best type of income), article directories, shops (us girls like to shop and not just on Ebay!), forums and review sites?

It is a well known fact that if you were buying real estate you would buy a variety of different styles and types of apartments, houses and other property. The more diversified your portfolio, the lower the risk.

The same principle applies online - why would you restrict yourself to one type of site when there are so many more opportunities to make $$$$.

We all know that the money is in the List but how do you build your list using Wordpress?

Well, it is easy if you know how (or have the right book!) Every Guru advises you to have a membership site to earn those residual dollars. Now you don’t need expensive software and a working knowledge of HTML.

And you should also have a number of blogs which are fully optimised both for the search engines and for your buying public. I don’t care what you sell online be it affiliate products, your own products, or perhaps you want to generate an income from adsense? A properly optimised Wordpress blog is the answer you are looking for.

And what about the offline market? Do you think that a high traffic, fully optimised, first page on Google Wordpress site would be attractive to this market? Of course it would, but you are probably asking yourself how would you build it and how much time would it take. Hours? Days? Months?

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