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IGN was founded in October 2004 as a joint venture between PT. Multi Manis Mandiri and PTP. Nusantara IX (Persero). The project is the first of its kind involving the government and the private sector to revitalise existing old sugar plants or pabrik gula (PG). IGN's first goal is to revitalize PG Cepiring, which was built in 18th century and has ceased operating since 1998. This plant is reactivated to support the need for national produce of high quality white sugar to reduce and eventually eliminate the need to import sugar for national consumption.

Indonesia presently has the capacity to produce 2.5 million tonnes of sugar every year but still needs to import aprroximately 2 million tonnes of sugar for both household and industrial consumption. Indonesia's households are expected to consume 4.9 million tonnes of white sugar by 2009.

Industri Gula NusantaraIGN was founded with firm understandings that sugar is a nationally recognized strategic commodity, with widespread economic, social and political impacts. Sugar is an integral part of dietary staple for Indonesia's 220 million-population. Sugar plants are also major employers, with one plant providing up to 50,000 jobs both directly and indirectly. IGN aims to support the government's effort to become self-sufficient in domestic sugar supply, by opening 600 new job opportunities for the revitalized plant and contributing social and financial benefits to the local economy, its shareholders and sugarcane farmers.

With Rp. 275 billion investment in new machineries, equipments, buildings and infrastructure, the new PG Cepiring has modernised its sugar production facility capable of producing 500 tons of white sugar per day, together with milling capacity of 2,800 ton cane day (TCD) which is planned to be expanded to 5,000 TCD by 2010. With 800 hectare of land for sugar plantation to start and the definite plan to expand this holding to 6,000 hectares throughout Central Java, IGN projects to produce 165,000 ton of quality white sugar from the combination of sugarcane and raw sugar the next harvesting year and is targeted to supply 200,000 tonnes of white sugar per year in the future.

IGN utilizes innovative farming practises, efficient production methods and marketing leadership to produce high quality white sugar.

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